Off to a slow start

Wed 16 February 2022

NOTE: The following was written for my Wordpress site, before I switched to using Pelican and Neocities. I'm keeping it because the message still stands. Enjoy! Phil - 2022.03.03

Well, I had big ideas of adding lots of content. That hasn't happened.

I failed to recognize two important things.

First, I like to DO things. In order to write about the DO, I need to take a break from the DOing!

Second, I did not realize the amount of tedium that Wordpress represents. There is way too much fiddling around, which is non-value-add in my opinion.

So, I'm realizing that, although I do want to have a place to write in public, I want it to be much easier, much more content focused, and much less tool focused. The good news here is that I am a tech geek, and I think I will be happy using a static site generator. Also, even though I spent real money to start this site, all is not lost - I can keep the domain name if I want, and I can export content I generate here and put it somewhere else. So, I'll continue with this, to the extent that I can, and see where I end up.