Trying a no-categories approach

Mon 28 February 2022
TAGS: rambler

I think I'd like to get rid of categories, and just use tags to organize content. It would be much more flexible than having to have separate folders for each category. This is a test article to gve that idea a try.

.... and after about half an hour of tinkering ...

Ok, I now have NO categories, and my source structure is very clean. I Like!

But one problem: My generated content has a "category" folder with "misc.html". How to get Pelican to NOT generate this? After a bit of perusal, this isn't obvious. Is there just a simple post-generation delete ability? Dunno. It's ok for now, I'll figure it out eventually.

I am good for now. I have fleshed out the site to be generally functional. I think I will be tinkering with the styling for awhile, but it looks pretty ok at this point. I think the next thing will be to get some sort of interactivity. Maybe.