New site theme

Wed 25 May 2022

I have been working on an overhaul of my site theme; today is the day I rolled it out. I got fed up with trying to learn CSS from online resources - there's tons of stuff about the what of CSS, but not much in the way of good, concise, coherent descriptions of the why and how, so I finally purchased a book, CSS In Depth, and it has been very useful. Though I am by no means a master web developer, I think I'm to the point where I can be relatively effective. And though there are still things about this theme that aren't quite perfect, I think it's good enough to roll out, and I'll continue to tweak it as I go.

With this advance, my next step may be to roll my own SSG using Lua (links below). Although pelican is pretty easy, I am constrained to use it within its design parameters; if I go to a roll-my-own approach, I will have the freedom to do whatever I want. Honestly, I'm not sure if that's what I really want, but it seems appealing at this point.

Introducing Lua Templates

Using Lua as a Templating Engine

(Postscript: I've just published this and taken a look on the phone. Mostly ok, but I just discovered that in landscape mode, viewability of the main window isn't so great. I need to fix that...!)