Downsizing & Transition

Sun 05 June 2022

Today was a good day. We cleared another good amount of stuff off the property, with one vanload going to storage, and a good fraction of the contents of our garden shed given away to friends and neighbors. The latter was especially significant, as the garden has been a core part of our shared experience. Kristin and I have accumulated a lot of garden tools and materials over the years, all of which we have treasured, particularly those items that have been handed down to us from our parents and grandparents, or that we've appreciated for their elegant simplicity and utility. I have, in particular, loved my Austrian scythe and my Red Pig wheel hoe (which apparently is no longer in production!).

Kristin and I have both felt considerable trepidation over the prospect of getting rid of our garden tools. But today, we did just that, and it was such a joy to see the recipients light up! To give our things to people we know and appreciate, and who we know will use and appreciate the tools as we have, is so incredibly satisfying. And contrary to the distress we thought we might experience in the process, we instead feel so much freer and lighter - it is really quite amazing!

So, as we rapidly march to homelessness, we are feeling very VERY good about what is next for us - whatever that may be. Although we still have a lot of downsizing to do (indeed, we are still adding to the storage unit, not reducing!), we also have managed to make a good dent in clearing the path to a simpler and lighter life. The future is looking awesome!