Step 2, Closed and moved, ready for step 3

Sun 26 June 2022

We pushed hard to get the house cleared & cleaned by closing, and finished with time to spare; the house closed on Friday as scheduled. We are currently staying in temporary housing until the end of July, which gives us little time to find our next place. Along with that continued push, we also need to help Fred move to Marshalltown, and Oskar to Cedar Rapids, all within the same next few weeks.

The move from Decorah has been so incredibly abrupt that I haven't really had the time to reflect and absorb the reality of it. We have left our home of eight years, where we raised kids and pets, grew a garden, got to know and appreciate the neighbors, and really settled in. Decorah is a great town to live in. Though I am super excited to be moving forward, leaving all that we built there also creates a big hole.

Back to the immediate future, I've been looking for rental housing for our next step, and it's looking like we'll end up in or near Cedar Rapids. This will ground us long enough to figure out whether we'll be doing the AT in 2023, or if we'll get a camper and push off the AT until 2024.

In spite of that next impending change, we are finally getting a bit of a breather. We are staying in an AirBnB in a rural location, which is quite relaxing and a nice change of pace. The picture below shows the view from the back of the house - it is lovely and pretty quiet here. And the bottom picture shows that Archie is pretty comfortable here as well!