Busy busy!

Thu 14 July 2022

With all the moving and rustling about lately, I've not had a lot of time to capture some of the goings-on. This post is sort a a catch-all with a few pics for fun. :)

First off, here's Karl, hanging out for a bit. He came for a short visit a couple weeks ago to pick up our lawnmower, which we will no longer need.


Kristin and me.

Kristin & Phil

Kristin and I had a chance to fly a couple weeks ago. This is a picture of our temporary home. Send me feedback with a guess on where this is!

Our temporary home

And just last weekend we were able to fly again. This time we met my Mom at the Richland airport at Sextonville and took her up for a little tour of the Wisconsin River from there to Blue River and back. That was very fun!

Flying with Mom