Thu 14 July 2022

It is part of the human experience to encounter people throughout life that touch us in ways large and small. Neighbors in particular are people we see often and come to know to greater or lesser degrees. We have been fortunate to have great neighbors, and I want to recognize some of the people that we have become friends with, have appreciated, and who we will miss as we adventure forward in our retirement:

  • John, Robin & Will
  • Erin, Cory & Emmett (and Sophie, who I barely met!)
  • Mo & Brennan
  • Robin
  • Cande
  • Kendall, Marcia & Gerald
  • Mary
  • Carla
  • Paul & Jeanie
  • Judy
  • Amanda
  • Barrett

And though Burt the mailman wasn't a neighbor, we appreciated him as well!