Iowa City Living

Thu 29 June 2023
TAGS: Iowa City

I've been lax in reporting about our experiences in Iowa City. With this post, I hope to catch up a bit, though it will be short and mostly pictures. Also during the past 5 months, Mom has visited us once and Karl has visited us twice - but unfortunately, none of us thought to get pictures!

Kristin in our new kitchen, just a few weeks after moving in. -unlabeled-

And Archie has settled in pretty well too! -unlabeled-

In April, before our OT hike, we bought this awesome new tent and checked it out in the living room. -unlabeled-

Also in April we had a nice little Birthday dinner for several of the kids at the Edgewater Grill. -unlabeled-

Last weekend we were at the Iowa City Farmer's Market. This is a large venue with lots of vendors and lots of great foods. This picture shows just a fraction of what's there. -unlabeled-

Us with another view of the Farmer's Market. -unlabeled-

And we went to the Iowa City Block Party, where I showed folks how to swing a sledgehammer. (Yes, I rung the bell in one swing!) (Wait, who is that old guy?? I thought this was a picture of me!) -unlabeled-