Ramping up the moving-on process

Sun 03 April 2022

In preparation for getting the house sold and moving closer to our retirement scenario, Kristin and I had been working for a few months in a slow, background kind of way to get rid of clutter and unneeded stuff; but that effort accelerated this past weekend. We acquired a storage unit on Friday and started moving stuff into it, stuff that we know we want to keep but that doesn't need to be in the house. Mind you, we are committed to downsizing as much as possible, but some stuff just can't go for various reasons.

A big push for this weekend was to get the house in sufficiently reasonable shape so that we can bring in a realtor and start the process of selling the house. In spite of inflation and the Russia-Ukraine war, we are fortunate to live in an area with a high-demand housing market, so we expect that we will be able to sell quickly. That makes us sensitive to timing as we need to keep the house at least past August when the very last kid moves out to go to college.

So as I sit here on a Sunday afternoon to write this, I'm a bit tuckered out after the packing, moving and cleaning. It's a good feeling!