Sat 26 August 2023
TAGS: Iowa City

We like having our windows open as much as we can, which means our sonic environment includes all the outdoor sounds. Welcome sounds consist mostly of birds and weather; most of the other sounds we hear are man-made, and range from unobtrusive to obnoxious. And because I work at home, I hear a lot of stuff that I would miss if I were elsewhere during the daytime.

Here's a pretty complete list of what I frequently hear:

  • trash truck at 4:30am - 3-4 times a week
  • lawnmowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers
  • medevac helicopters - we're about a mile as the crow flies from a major hospital
  • distant traffic - we're less than a mile from I-80, and half a mile from several major city streets
  • trains - tracks about half a mile from us
  • doors slamming, patio sliding doors, etc.
  • cars: starting, motoring, doors slamming, beepers and horns, and the occasional alarm
  • dogs barking
  • golfers, carts, mowers on the adjacent golf course
  • irrigation on the golf course, often in the evenings
  • construction - hammers, saws, lift buckets
  • garage ventilation fans
  • distant airmovers on campus - there is a building with large cooling towers on it a mile from here
  • air conditioner fans

Though I like where I'm living in Iowa City, I am also looking forward to being in places where the soundscape is all-natural. I like the peace.