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Sun 12 November 2023

Blogging From The AT

How I'll run this site from the AT without my PC

Wed 06 July 2022

Sending Feedback

How to contact me

Wed 25 May 2022

New site theme

A bit about my theme upgrade

Wed 20 April 2022

My Neocities update script

My Python script to upload blog content to Neocities

Mon 28 February 2022

Trying a no-categories approach

I don't see a reason for categories AND tags!

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Sun 27 February 2022

Jumping to Neocities

I decided to switch from hosted Wordpress to Neocities

Sat 26 February 2022

Making progress on Pelican

I've been tinkering with Pelican, and Pelican themes, for several days now.

Wed 16 February 2022

Off to a slow start

I'm not making the progress I had intended here.

Wed 26 January 2022

Where to Start

My purpose with this site